eye crossword
No. 665 by Cyclops
£100 prize to the first correct solution opened on 6th December 2019. private eye crossword

1/10 Crooked loan distribution claimed to be in the public interest? (7,9)
5 Madcap uses piping with oral sex (7)
9/28 Neat whisky? Difficult by the sea (5,5)
10 See 1ac.
11 Daniel's troubled with an awfully large watery body (6,3)
12/24 Gore gets ready for shameful payment (5,5)
13 Poet pissing about, giving away a lot of money (6)
15 Member of West Indies cult is buggered by one (2,5)
19 Iconic Leftie, before going on date, given encouragement (7)
20 Latin vocalist's entrance in schmaltzy number (6)
23/3 Brown-noser's strategy: Corbyn's chief impairment – insulting (5,9)
25 Entire political party is against Pence's final statement (9)
27 Bitter makes you relaxed, welcoming of vacuous election! (9)
28 See 9ac.
29 Unprofessional in action, just like the Brexit process (7)
30 On the wagon, looked far from weepy (3-4)

1 Jerk cuts into tempered steel nut? (8)
2 Boris pissed, so goes off with large double – "Fab!" (5)
3 See 23ac.
4 Tried desperately to squeeze end of penis? Most uninteresting (6)
5 Lecherous bursts of breath? That's sixties attire for you (3,5)
6 Maybe Tom's in fact humbled (5)
7 Groomed real idiot for a leader (9)
8 Pretend cowboy presses enrolled nurse to strip (6)
14 Maybe Sarah Palin's focus, er, is to store energy for a trial run (9)
16 Dolly run over outside entrance to Wetherspoon's (no sophistication)
17 Balls underneath, about to touch bare skin – given the brush-off (8)
18 Get knocked to the floor and covered with bloomers? (8)
21 Given a bad mark, right away pissing your pants? (6)
22 Pen was a leader? Should be tagged (6)
24 See 12ac.
26 Blasting number one, Sally is gutted (5)

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An ex GCHQ director joins a company with a shady record

Intelligence test
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Broad swipe
Osborne’s conflict of interests over BT broadband

10th December 2019